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Everett’s year-round weather makes it ideal for having entertaining outdoor areas in your home for entertaining and enjoying your home’s breeze. Patio covers are one of the most preferred additions for most homeowners who want to upgrade their homes with these elements.

Installing patio covers in your home requires professional assistance from Deck Builders Everett experts. We have been serving Everett, WA, for years now, and we have been loyal and trustworthy to our clients.

Your home’s natural beauty needs to be reflected in your patio cover, from the design, colors, and impressive additions. Deck Builders Everett team has the experience at hand that ensures all these are met when working on your project.

Why Patio Covers?

Just as the name suggests, patio covers provide quality shade on your patio spaces and walkways. Regardless of the weather (sunny or rainy), you can have a great time on your patio when you get it covered.

Another good reason to install patio covers in your home is the beauty and curb appeal it adds to your home. The structure itself can transform the outdoor look of your home and patio. Some additions on your patio, such as sofas and tables, are now possible if you add patio covers.

Patio covers also provide additional functionality to your patios. The patio areas can be the children’s playground, rest area, or even a place to enjoy your afternoon meals. Whatever reason you’re building your patio covers, they are always a great addition to your home.

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What Types Are Available?

Every type of patio cover available has its advantage. Depending on your needs, you can choose one over the others.

Open Gable Patio Cover: When you need maximum light in your covered patio, this is the option for you. An open gable patio cover is built with a vaulted ceiling in front that also helps maintain a natural aesthetic by exposing rafters, wood, et cetera.

Hip And Ridge Patio Covers: These patio covers feature downward sloping slides that mimic the appearance of traditional homes.

Shed-Style Patio Cover: They feature a gentle slope in a single plane that makes the shade ceiling on a patio.

Drop Ceiling Patio Covers: If you don’t want the angles of your patio to display, then the drop ceiling is a great option for you. A drop ceiling patio covers services as a secondary ceiling, covering the open areas of the patio.

Our Process For Building Patio Covers

Some of our clients know exactly what they need for their patio covers. Some understand the structure, materials, and colors they want for their patios. We follow their needs and do exactly what they need, giving them exactly what they envision.

However, some of our customers rely on our experience to have the best patios built for them. If you are this type of client, we promise to guide you through the options available and help you make the right decisions throughout the process until completing your project, from materials to designs and patio types. You can rely on our experts’ help for high-quality patio covers in your home.

Free estimates are also available for customers looking to use our services in their homes. Deck Builders Everett is here for you when you’re ready for professional patio cover installation.

Give us a call today if you need a free estimate.

Why Choose Us?

We are the leading contractors when it comes to affordable and skilled patio cover builders. Here are some of the reasons Deck Builders Everett is the first choice for many homeowners in Everett and its surroundings.

☑ Great Customer Experience And Satisfaction: We understand how valuable your home is to you and your loved ones. We know that deciding to add patio covers in your home serves just one main purpose, to increase the beauty and appeal to your home. This is why we will always strive to give you what you desire; beauty.

Our experts stop at nothing until we get the outcome you envision in your home. Deck Builders Everett does not take any chances when it comes to changing the look of your home. This is why we are known to provide the best patio covers services in Everett. Our customer satisfaction rate has won us several repeat clients and referrals over the years.

☑ High-Quality Building Materials: Deck Builders Everett sources high-quality building materials from trusted sources for your patio covers to get the job done in the right way and quality. We understand that your home needs the best materials for any structure. Meeting these quality standards ensures your patio covers last long without having to worry about short-term issues after installing them in your home.

☑ Experience: In addition to the hundreds of projects our experts have finished successfully, we also train them and equip them with the latest skills and designs required for patio building. We have been in the industry for years, serving Everett, WA, and the nearby cities. You can trust us to conduct a smooth process when working on your project. Give us a call today, and let us discuss your project.

☑ Custom Designs: As a homeowner, you have the right to choose your custom design for your patio covers. We offer this option to you, where you are free to choose the best designs that appeal to your eye and match your home’s look. Express your creativity from the many designs Deck Builders Everett offers for you.

☑ Affordable Pricing: Our competitive prices have no hidden charges attached to them. The initial quote includes all the costs, such as inspections and permits. You will know the total cost before we begin working on your project.

Not all patio cover builders in Everett provide high-quality services. You need to be careful when choosing a contractor to work with. Otherwise, you will get sub-par services that will not just meet your expectations but will have you spending too much money on repair and hiring another contractor. Conduct extensive research to find the right patio cover builders in Everett, WA.

Deck Builders Everett is one of the most reputable companies offering these services. Our honesty and experience have been the driving force to keeping our name at the top. We aim to stay there, and that means we will always provide high-quality services to our clients, you included.

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