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You have spent time planning your wedding, party, or family get-together, and now you are looking for the best place to host it outdoors. Our job is to build you the best structure that will not just suit your needs but enhance your enjoyment outdoors. It would help if you had the best gazebos and arbors for your outdoor activities.

Hire the best gazebos and arbor building experts and watch us change the look of your backyard space. With shade and elegance, you can rest assured that our gazebos and arbors will enhance your enjoyment outdoors.

But, what are gazebos and arbors? We take a look at what these structures are and how you can make good use of them to enhance your property. Stick around.

Outdoor Shade Structure Building Types:
Gazebos & Arbors

If you think about giving your family and guests a wonderful outdoor experience at your home’s backyard, then building a gazebo or an arbor will serve you right.

Moreover, having your particular needs and goals in mind before designing either of these structures will ensure you only build the perfect spot that compliments your property.

Here is the difference between gazebos and arbors:


A gazebo is commonly known as a freestanding open garden structure with a roof. It can be built into various distinctive shapes such as octagons or ovals. Besides, you can also have experts design them into rectangular shapes to match your home’s unique architecture specifically.

A gazebo can be made of wood or metal and can act as a common focal point in your backyard design. You can have seats built inside the sheltered area and outdoor curtains or drapes to bring an extra sense of privacy.

In addition, you can still opt for a gazebo with the sides partially open if you want to allow for airflow inside the structure. And while you have the solid roof atop the structure, ensure the floors are made of wood or rest on a concrete slab with mold-resistant materials – to last long in your home.

And, don’t let insects spoil the fun when you are out relaxing. Ensure the gazebo is screened to keep insects at bay, especially here in Everett, where we are used to pest infestation at home.

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Uses Of Gazebos In Your Backyard

Sunny days in Everett are meant to be fun. That’s why you need a good gazebo to provide shelter and shade from the sunshine elements. You can also give life and functionality to that empty landscape in your garden by constructing a beautiful gazebo that matches your home’s design.

And, if your home or property is over a scenic hill, don’t underestimate the importance of building gazebos on it. You will be surprised at how these structures will turn the backyard into an exquisite masterpiece.
Talk to our expert gazebo builders, and we will help you realize your dream with our custom designs.


These are vertical structures built in a garden or home landscape to provide shelter, shade, privacy, and elegance. Arbors are often built at the entrances to gardens, and you can easily spot them along garden paths.

The walls and roof can be made of an open framework to offer support to colorful and fragrant vines. Furthermore, you can enhance the look of your garden and walkways by building the arbors with feature arched roofs and latticework.

Uses Of Arbors In Your Home Garden

First up, arbors will make your garden entrances look beautiful and colorful. Most homeowners in Everett use them along paths to direct traffic during garden events such as weddings, get-togethers, or parties. You don’t want people straying off the grounds and stepping on your planted grass.

On the higher side, you can also decorate your arbors with vines or other climbing plants to set up a perfect location for your birthday parties, wedding pictures, or other needs you might have depending on the occasion. And, the shade that comes with these structures will also make it favorable for you to gather your guests.

Why Build Gazebos & Arbors For Your Home

You now understand the key difference between gazebos and arbors, plus how you can use them to bring value to your empty garden or landscape. So, here are reasons why you need to have the best experts help you set up your custom-made gazebos and arbors:

  • We build stable structures that not just stand the test of time; they also make a great investment with a greater Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Gazebos’ and arbors’ shelters will enhance your outdoor enjoyment whether you put up a fireplace during cooler seasons or have these structures as focal points for backyard cookouts.
  • You can now least worry about hosting your family’s get-togethers, weddings, events, and proms.
  • And if you have an existing patio in your home, you can rest assured the gazebos and arbors we build will boost and blend well with your home’s design.
  • Lastly, gazebos and arbors will increase your Everett’s home value and appeal.

Build With Deck Builders Everett

You need the best contractor to build your gazebos and arbors in your garden — and not everyone will deliver on your expectations. Let our expert gazebos and arbors builders help you with this process.

If you are a bit skeptical about our services, look at our completed projects here in Everett. Many homeowners have been overwhelmed with our work and have since left us positive reviews.

Also, you can work with our experienced professionals to create your gazebos and arbors designs that will match your home’s architecture. Talk to us today if you want to take your home to the next level.

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