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Everett’s harsh climatic conditions, pest infestation, and discoloration can damage your newly-built decks. But while regularly maintaining your decks can be quite challenging and time-consuming, you should not let them stay in bad shape. We are here to offer the best solution you need — deck repair.

We don’t just build wood and composite decks for your home; we are also available to provide the most reliable deck repair services you may need in the long term. Talk to us about your home’s damaged decks, and we will be happy to help you get them in perfect shape again.

So, why would you need a deck repair in the first place?

Harsh Weather Elements
Weather elements can degrade your deck’s quality over the years — sunny days and heavy rains being common here in Everett, WA. As a result, you would expect wood-based decks to splinter and warp, affecting regular cleaning. You can’t host your family get-togethers again because the deck has become inhospitable. Seek deck repair services to help keep it in tip-top shape.

Unstable Decks
Decks become unstable as they are used over the years. Besides, structural erosion and strain can also make your wood or composite deck to become wobbly. In no time, the support beams settle into the ground making the deck slant or become uneven. But, you don’t have to wait until disaster strikes when the deck collapses. Give us a call and invite us over for structural deck repair in your home.

Your beautiful deck can be affected by overexposure to sunlight — affecting its original color. You don’t have to wait until the full color has faded away before you can seek repair services. Please take action today, and let us help you restain and reseal the deck to make it beautiful as it was.

Pest Infestation
Most homeowners in Everett have complained about pest infestations in their households. Ants, termites, rodents, and carpenter bees can infest your deck and cause severe damage.

Besides, if you have a wood deck that has not been treated to resist infestations, be ready to deal with unnecessary disturbances from pests. Why spoil your relaxation mood when you can have experts help you out? Replacing the old materials with treated wood will prevent a dangerous infestation in the future.

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Choose Our Deck Repair Services

Our deck repair services are unmatched and second to none here in Everett, WA, and beyond. We are known to build and offer the most reliable deck repair services to our customers.

Our deck repair experts can handle complete routine maintenance and complete renovations on your composite or wood deck. Whether your home has a small addition to your backyard or a custom wrap-around design, we have the experience to deliver on your needs at affordable rates. We deal in a wide range of deck repair services such as:

  • Railing replacement
  • Footing installation
  • Screen and window repair
  • Stair replacement
  • Draining and graining issues
  • Board replacement

Why We Are Ahead Of The Rest In Everett

Deck Builders Everett is your number one contractor for deck repair services. Here are the reasons why:

☑ Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

We put our money where our mouth is. Quality deck repair services are what set us apart from the rest of the industry. We always guarantee satisfaction to our clients throughout the project – your satisfaction is our priority! Besides, you can check out thousands of positive customer reviews based on our previous business with many homeowners in Everett, WA.

☑ High Skilled Deck Repair Experts
You can count on our seasoned and experienced professionals to handle any damage caused on your deck. You should least worry about your home’s architecture since we can offer deck repairs irrespective of your deck design.

☑ Competitive Pricing
How about excellent deck repair services for fairly affordable prices? We ensure our prices can cater to various needs of different homeowners across Everett, WA. We are always revising our quotation prices to match the standard market prices. Visit us and save on extra costs with our free estimates.

☑ We Value Your Safety
We understand that you need your deck back in its perfect shape without compromising your family’s safety or that of your family. That’s why we are insured and 100% bonded. We are licensed to carry out deck repairs to homeowners here in Everett, WA, and neighboring cities. In addition, we are yet to receive any complaints about our services from past clients.

How Do I Get A Free Deck Repair Estimate?

Avoid waiting until it’s too late. Reach out to us as soon as you spot any damage or unusual happening with your deck. Our deck repair team will schedule a visit to your home to assess the situation. You then get a free estimate and a variety of different options to pick from.

We will make deck repairs in the most suitable time frame as per your needs. We don’t just guarantee that you will love our exemplary work to revitalize your deck; you will refer your friends and colleagues to us for the best deck repair services in Everett, WA.

Meanwhile, here are a few maintenance tips we thought we should share to help keep your deck safe from damages or catastrophe:

  • Spring: Wash the deck
  • Spring: Seal the deck
  • Midsummer: Inspect and repair your deck
  • Fall: Preventive Measures

Talk to Our Experts
If you need more tips on maintaining your deck, please contact our technical team of experts. We are always available to provide help and quick tips on the best practices of your home decks.
Enjoy the luxury of your dream deck!

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